“Things can only be diverse and should be diverse. Styles, schools, common goals and long term stability are not credible ideas.” Donald Judd, Local History. NY, 1964.



Ezlekua is a cinedance short film from País Vazco.

Poster and Brochure Design / 2019
Directed by Luz Ruciello and Marta Romero.
Coreographers and Dancers: Elene Bravo and Claudio Rojas
Cinematography: Lluis Miras Vega
Costume Designer: Zer Collection
Atrezzo: Lluis Angles
Production: Luz Ruciello and Marta Romero
Music and Sound Recording: Carlos Cuenca
Sound Designer: Enrique G. Bermejo (Kamikaze Estudi)
Film Editing: Marta Romero
Still Photo and Poster Photography: Laura Abad
Hair and Make Up Designer: Julia Quintana
Digital Colourist: Lluis Miras Vega
Post Production: Raquel Lamelo


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