Projects ︎ 2018

1. QTS #00

2. QTS #01
4. Co—lab
5. Ries
6. Feast EASV
7. Olimpico FDMI


9. Ezlekua

Personal Work ︎ 2019

1. Symphony No. IX

2. Form [Less]

3. Telepathy

Personal Work ︎ 2018

1. Posters about inner

Projects ︎ 2019 ︎ 2015 

This site is in
progress, more
projects coming soon.

“Things can only be diverse and should
be diverse. Styles, schools, common
goals and long term stability are not
credible ideas”
Donald Judd, Local History. NY, 1964

9. Ezlekua

Ezlekua is a cinedance short film from País Vazco.

Poster and Brochure Design / 2019
Directed by Luz Ruciello and Marta Romero.

Coreographers and Dancers: Elene Bravo and Claudio Rojas
Cinematography: Lluis Miras Vega
Costume Designer: Zer Collection
Atrezzo: Lluis Angles
Production: Luz Ruciello and Marta Romero
Music and Sound Recording: Carlos Cuenca
Sound Designer: Enrique G. Bermejo (Kamikaze Estudi)
Film Editing: Marta Romero
Still Photo and Poster Photography: Laura Abad
Hair and Make Up Designer: Julia Quintana
Digital Colourist: Lluis Miras Vega
Post Production: Raquel Lamelo