Maria Pia Vivo
1988, Uruguay


Designer and Creative Director, specialized in Branding and Art Direction, working remotely worldwide.

Graduated from FADU, Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentina), where I also teached at Morfología 2 Longinotti (2018—2021), expanding artistic, experimental and sensitive work with my colleagues within the career of Graphic Design.

Most recently (2020—2022), served as Design Director with a talented network of creatives at R/GA New York for Brand Design & Consulting, leading identity projects for global brands, helping bridge strategy and concepts with craft, in pursuit of building a more human future. Some of the work here.

In the past, I’ve worked with Fundación Proa, Regia Magazine, and many studios such as NotReal, Superestudio, 4humans, NXTID, Cresci’s, DHNNPantera & CO. and Oriental Films. With many, I still colaborate today, among other designers and studios in diverse projects related to the arts & culture.

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